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This is a community in which to post Livejournal icons pertaining to anything having to do with the 1980’s! So that means anything featuring pop culture (movies, tv actors, cartoons etc)of the period between 1980 and 1990. Though I would ask that you make sure you have read the rules before you post…

It is a friendly, relaxed community but a few things are important to keep it that way so please bear in mind the following -

Use the Lj-cut (how to) when posting more than 4 icons in a post or posting large pictures :) and try not to post less than 2 icons in one go(ie wait and post them together no need to have ten posts of 1 icon by the same maker)

As with most communities if linking to another icon community please share at least 3 icons, and state if your community/journal must be joined in order to see more etc

If an icon maker asks for credit (how to) be a cool dude and give it to them, pretending you made someones elses work is total loserdom don’t do it here

All older icons posted to this community (which are still online) are archived under the memories by cartoon/movie/music/tv show or actor categories. Anything that doesn’t come under that will be archived under ‘other’!

Newer Icons are archived using tags, you can use them yourself when posting your icons, if the tag you need isn't available yet and you want it to be, just leave a comment on my personal journal. (as with anything you think needs my attention)

Please make sure all your icon subject titles (movie or band titles etc) are listed somewhere in your post with no more than 5 different titles within a post (this is for me to put your icons in the memories as LJ can only archive 5 keywords to a post)

This community is open to all 80s fans – With that in mind If you're posting something you think your mother wouldn’t want to see! Put it behind an Lj-cut (how to) with a warning about the sex, swearing or violence!

No spamming (advertising rating communities,which 80’s pop star are you type quizzes or those with nothing to do with the 80' s)I will just delete it

No Flaming (starting arguements for the hell of it) if someone has done something irritating leave it for me to sort out, it’s a nice place meant for sharing icons after all

Hotlinking (taking someone’s bandwidth by linking to their URL instead of uploading the picture to your own site) is gross and if we catch you, and you won't stop, it means an automatic ban. Use a free picture site like Photobucket

Before requesting icons of a certain band/actor/movie etc Check the icon archives to make sure someone hasn't already made what you are requesting! If they haven't please leave your suggestion in this post (and this post only!)

Specific icon requests are NOT allowed sorry (e.g: i have this picture, please add this text to it, i'll love you forever, etc As much as you may want it, this is an icon sharing community so please take your requests to somewhere like iconrequests

80s Stillness - The 80s Icon challenge community

Other Info:
The community was created by nightdoll in 2003; but was taken over in 2004; and is now run by me such_jaunt

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